SA Code of Practice for Bird Sales

SA Code of Practice for Bird Sales


  • This Code of Practice has been formulated as a guide for the holding of sales or auctions of both native and exotic birds in South Australia. Adherence to this Code will ensure that club Bird Sales will continue to be acceptable to the fauna authorities and will hep negate the possibility of stringent regulations being introduced to govern such events.
    Clubs holding sales or auctions (hereafter referred to as “the event”) under the auspices of The United Bird Societies of South Australian Code of Practice shall adhere to the following conditions:
  1. A copy of this Code of Practice shall be prominently displayed at the venue of the event , and a copy shall be proved to all sellers prior to the commencement of the event
  2. This Code of Practice shall cover all birds on sale, both permit and non-permit.
  3. Sellers shall comply with both the Department of the Environment and Heritage conditions applicable to the event, and this Code of Practice.
  4. The sale or auction shall be cancelled if the forecast , or actual, temperature is in excess of 32 degrees Celsius on the day of the event.
  5. A firm starting time shall be fixed.
  6. Organisers of the event shall have in attendance stewards familiar with this Code of Practice , and who shall have the right to refuse entry of any bird(s) or demand removal of any bird(s) if, during the course of the event, any breach(es)of the Code is evident.
  7. All stewards at the event shall wear badges clearly identify their status.
  8. In the case of a sale all stalls shall be clearly numbered and stall holder shall wear a badge displaying the corresponding number for easy identification
  9. In the case of an auction all lots shall be clearly marked with the lot number.
  10. No sales shall be conducted before the advertised starting time of the event.
  11. All birds shall be benched at least 15 minutes prior to the advertised starting time so as to allow time for them to settle down.
  12. The minimum height of display benches shall be 75 centimetres.
  13. Lighting within the venue shall be of a level conducive to easy viewing of cage contents.
  14. The club operating the event and the Stewards in attendance shall take all reasonable care to protect the well-being of the birds for sale, but shall not be held responsible for escape, injury, death or the physical condition of birds. Birds showing signs of injury, or stress shall be removed by the Stewards.
  15. The use of cameras at the event shall not be allowed without prior consent of the stewards in attendance.
  16. Birds being offered for sale shall not be confined for transport and display for more than 24 hours.
  17. Only compatible species shall be held in the same cage.
  18. Birds shall be housed in such a manner and density as to ensure their comfort and well-being, and shall have an adequate supply of water and suitable food. Special attention shall be given to the caging of sexually dominant species.
  19. Cages shall be of solid construction, with open fronts only. The cage front shall be of a size and strength suitable to the species being housed, and shall be conducive to easy viewing of the contents.
  20. Where applicable a perch should be included in the display cage.
  21. Appropriate precautions (eg; padded roof) should be taken for the housing of “flighty” species such as quail, doves and pigeons.
  22. Wire-fronted cardboard boxes shall not be used.
  23. A secure area shall be provided for the transfer of birds from the sellers display box to the purchasers carry box.
  24. Suitable catching nets shall be provided by the organisers of the event for the recapture of escaped birds.
  25. Only full feathered self sufficient birds shall be accepted for sale.REQUIREMENTS FOR THE CONDUCT OF A SALE OR AUCTION OF PROTECTED SPECIES. 

    Approval to conduct a sale or auction of native protected fauna must first be obtained from the South Australian Department of Environment and Heritage.
    A written application stating the date, time and venue must be submitted well in advance (say Sixty Days) of the event to:
    The Manager
    Department of the Environment and Heritage
    GPO Box 1782
    ADELAIDE SA 5001

    Full details may be obtained by telephoning 08 8124 4972 or email
    At present the Department will grant approval subject to the following conditions:

  26. No person may offer for sale a protected animal for which a Section 58 Permit is required without being in possession of such a permit.
  27. Permit holders offering protected animals for sale must be present whilst animals are being sold.
  28. No person may purchase more than one protected animal listed on the Sixth and Seventh Schedules of the Wildlife Regulations without holding a Section 58 permit . (Sellers of a single protected animal to a person not holding the appropriate permit shall ensure that they obtain the full name and address of the buyer for entering in their Record Book and should supply the buyer with their full name and address and their permit number).
  29. Club officials at the sale must facilitate the exchange of names, addresses and permit numbers between sellers and purchasers.
  30. The protected animals offered for sale are to be housed in adequate sized cages and held with compatible species.
  31. Keep an adequate supply of clean water in the cage or enclosure.
  32. Provide sufficient and appropriate food in the cage or enclosure.
  33. Protect the animal from weather conditions that would be likely to cause them distress.
  34. Not permit the animals to suffer distress from any other cause that can reasonably be avoided