Position Statements

Position Statement

The Hybridisation of Parrot Species & Sub-species within Australian Aviculture


The United Bird Societies of South Australia Incorporated acknowledges that aviculturists within Australia should endeavour to maintain a responsible and ethical approach to the breeding of legitimate species and sub-species of parrots within captivity at all times. On the position of hybridisation of species and sub-species within aviculture, The United Bird Societies of South Australia Inc. believes that responsible and ethical breeding practices are those that:

  • Maintain the integrity of parrot species and sub-species pairs within a collection by not allowing or promoting hybridisation within that collection
  • Understand the significant need to maintain the integrity of species and sub-species listed on the CITES appendices as these species and sub-species require particularly responsible and ethical approaches to their care and breeding to ensure their future preservation within aviculture.
  • Endeavour to educate others on ethical and responsible non-hybrid breeding practices when necessary.

In consideration of the above beliefs , The United Bird Societies of South Australia Incorporated further take the position that.. 

  • The hybridisation of parrot species and sub-species , particularly those listed on CITES appendices or in limited populations within captivity has a negative impact on the integrity of existing populations. This impact may be considered in terms of a reduced ability of the global avicultural community to preserve and maintain the integrity of captive parrot populations.
  • The deliberate hybridisation of native and non-native parrot species and sub-species within aviculture must not be condoned and captive management strategies should be maintained at all times to ensure that hybridisation is not permitted to occur within a collection.
  • Aviculturist should endeavour to co-operatively support initiatives that promote an awareness of the importance of maintaining species and sub-species integrity for the future viability of legitimate species and sub-species within captivity
  • The sale of hybridised species should be considered detrimental to the integrity of aviculture and representative of unethical practice within the trade of parrot species within Australia.
  • It is the responsibility of the breeder or bird dealer to provide evidence of the legitimacy of species or sub-species identification or to inform a prospective purchaser as to the breeding heritage prior to the sale or trade of parrots.

The United Bird Societies of South Australia Incorporated wishes to acknowledge that this position statement was drawn up by the Parrot Society of Australia Incorporated and was adopted by the affiliates of The United Bird Societies of South Australia Inc.